Architectural Photography and Drones

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The way we take photos and shoot videos is always changing. One of the latest technologies that photographers love are drones. Drones have been around for a while but the quality of video and photos as well as the height is changing. The technology is advancing so the end shots come out better than ever before.

What is a Drone?

Many know what drones are but for those new to the technology, a drone is a flying camera. It is controlled with a remote or with software on phones or tablets. Drones have been used to gather intelligence for the military and now photographers use them to take photos of oceans, buildings and more. Not only are drones a great tool for professional photographers and anyone who takes pictures for a hobby, but these are also changing the architecture industry.

Drones and Architecture

Photography can be difficult for architects. Taking a photo of a whole building would require the camera to be in the sky which without a drone would need a helicopter. This makes photography time consuming and expensive. Drones allow architects to take photos of a whole building at different angles and heights efficiently.

Drones can also take photos and video of hard to reach buildings and places. If you need a close-up of a certain area of the building it can be done easily. Many buildings have detailing which can be difficult to capture with a classic camera. If there is a certain window or design, you want to photograph you can position the drone to take the image at any height and angle. You can also use drones to capture places that are in the middle of water or that are difficult to reach which gives more freedom. Drones can also show unique shapes of buildings that cannot be seen from the ground. The cameras can use the latest technology, so the photos and videos are the best quality.

©Denis Esakov

Professionally drones can be used to take photos of construction sites and can give clients a clear view of where a building is or is going to be. Photos and videos can be taken throughout the construction process, so everyone can see the projects progression. When buildings are complete drone footage can be used for sales.

Photographers can also use drones for their hobby. Many like to travel and take photos and now these can be done easily. You can get high quality images of buildings, cities, forests, oceans and more. You can capture stunning architecture anywhere. Before you take any photos you should check the laws in the area.

©Amos Chapple

Buildings from Above

To show you how amazing drone shots can be we have found some of the best photos of buildings when taken with a drone.

©Camilo Monzón Navas

As you can see drones are changing the way architects and photographers take photos of buildings. This technology is also changing and advancing so the quality of photos will only get better. There are many drones available that all fly differently and have different camera qualities. Anyone can use drones to take one of a kind images.

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