Kompetes is a private eSports Competition platform for eSports lovers to showcase their skills. Kompetes aims to build a community of gamers and esport enthusiasts . The platform is open to gamers around the world. For gamers finding it difficult in breaking into the professional leagues, kompetes is offering a competitive platform which can springboard your esports career. With a dedicated team we aim to help gamers reach the next level.

Kompetes is designed for every eSports lover regardless of the age limit. However, to enter a competition please check the age requirements for each game. If you are under the age of 16 you must get the parental consent to participate in the competitions as most competitions require an entry fee. Please see the terms and conditions.

Kompetes Administration creates and manages all of the tournaments. Our administration team will create tournaments, open registrations, and approve team requests to join the tournament. Besides these basic tasks, we handle all other management tsask related to tournaments.

A team is composed of 5 participants. One player creates his/her own team as a team lead and invites the other 4 players (as team members) to join that team. A Team Lead registers a team by entering some required information. After that, the Team Lead invites four more players to join his team. Once the Team Lead completes his/her team, he is able to register for the tournaments with open registrations. In the end, he has to pay the entrance fee for the registration of a tournament. For questions like how to create a team and how to invite players, you can refer to USER MANUAL. There, you can see sections “Creating a Team” and “Team Invites” for further understanding.

First of all, a Team Lead has to create a Team and register its participants. After completing the team, the Team Lead can register for tournaments whose registration is open and pay Registration Payment. However, to get the answer for such queries, see our complete USER MANUAL for Kompetes. Please check the section “Participating in a Tournament” to know more about it.

A Team Lead has the following responsibilities: Timely pay for all the required payments. Keep himself updated with all the tournaments that are open and know the schedules of the matches. Ensure that the whole Team is conforming with the rules of the Kompetes platform and tournaments. Keep the whole team on board and update the team about the emails he receives.

There are three types of Leaderboards in Kompetes. Let us discuss the criteria for each one of them.

  • 1. Player Ranking Table

    The criteria for ranking players is as follows:

    1. (No. of Kills) * (10)
    2. (No. of Deaths) * (-5)
    3. (No. of Matches Played) * (20)
    4. (No. of Tournaments Played) * (30)

    The Sum of all these above-defined values is calculated and a single number is given to each player. All the players are sorted then by using this number. The Player Ranking table is created on the basis of this number.

  • 2. Team Ranking Table

    Here is the criteria for the team ranking table:

    1. (No. of Matches Won) * (10)
    2. (No. of Matches Lost) * (-5)
    3. (No. of Tournaments Won) * (20)
    4. ((No. of Tournaments Lost) * (-10)

    After calculating all these terms, we calculate the sum of their resultants to form a single number. On the basis of this single number, all teams are sorted to form a table. This table is called the Team Ranking Table.

  • 3. League Table

    This table is for the League. There are two conditions for a team to qualify for this league:

    1. The team has at least participated in 1 tournament
    2. The team has at least reached the Semifinals of 1 tournament

    After this, teams are ranked on the following criteria:

    1. (No. of Matches Won) * (10)
    2. (No. of Matches Lost) * (-5)
    3. (No. of Tournaments Won) * (20)
    4. (No. of Tournaments Lost) * (-10)

    Then, we calculate the sum of these terms for each team to get a single value. This value is used to sort and rank the teams in the League table.

Cash prizes will be paid to bank accounts (UK only) and Paypal accounts. Other Payment methods can be arranged.

Each contest will have different payment requirements, please make sure you read the rules thoroughly before making the payment as refunds will be refused. Payments are made using credit and debit card.

Kompetes cares about personal data and sensitive information of our users. We have thoroughly defined our Privacy Policy to answer your queries about Data Privacy. Please visit Privacy Policy to find out more.