Looking Back: Edward Enninful’s First Year at Vogue

He took over the reins of the biggest fashion magazine in the world from Alexandra Shulman last year and Edward Enninful has certainly made his mark in the world of all things Vogue.

Publishing his first cover for the magazine in December 2017, we are now approaching the end of his first year with fashion’s most esteemed publication and there is no denying that his role as Editor-In-Chief has changed the face of Vogue indefinitely.

In his first ever issue for Vogue and his first editor’s letter in the magazine, Enninful wrote that his first thought when receiving the news of his new post was of his immigrant, seamstress mother and how proud she would have been of him. He also painted the picture of how he began to decide upon his first issue and cover; a celebration of Britain in all of its beautiful modern-day diversity.

“The time seemed right to redefine what Vogue can mean today.” Edward Enninful, Vogue December 2017.

With the stunning Adwoa Aboah gracing the cover of his first issue, Enninful set the tone of his editorship from the beginning. His Vogue would be all about diversity and inclusion. Activism and feminism. Talent and pride. Eternally with a focus on fashion, but this time, with a serious dose of what is most important.


Where did Edward Enninful Come From?

Here, we take a look back at Edward Enninful’s career and how he become head of the world’s leading fashion magazine.

It’s a career some would say has been styled perfectly for the role. Enninful has worked in fashion publishing since the age of 18, working alongside many of the greats within the industry, learning and honing his skills to reach this pivotal moment in his career.

Having worked as a model in the industry as a teen, Enninful started at i-D Magazine at 18. Spotted for his talent at a young age by Franca Sozzani at Italian Vogue, he refined and perfected his writing skills with her close encouragement.

Moving onto styling at Vogue US, Enninful worked under Anna Wintour, learning the importance of detail from the very best. After seven years at Vogue, Enninful also had six successful years as the style director at W Magazine. A CV most worthy of his current position.


Edward Enninful’s Vogue Issues

Looking back at Enninful’s first year at Vogue, his issues have been true to his word and whilst filled with fashion and current trends, alongside new and established designers, the pages have been decorated with diversity and meaning. The style pages have been rivalled by the topical pages, looking at ideas of feminism, race, culture and current affairs.


From Gigi Hadid in March and Rihanna in September to Oprah in August, the faces gracing the covers of Enninful’s pages have all had a different story to tell. In May 2018, the issue was all about the “New Frontiers” of fashion; models and fashion talent alike, each with their own, crucially important message.

After 25 years in the role, Alexandra Shulman left Edward Enninful some rather large (and most likely, designer) shoes to fill. However, sales figures spiking during his editorship appear to prove that the fashion pack is enjoying the new Editor-In-Chief, with official figures soon to be released for the first year. In May 2018, The Evening Standard reported a newsstand sales increase of 7.5 per cent and with the first 12 months of Enninful’s about to complete, we look forward to the reveal of his year’s sales figures, so far.

With positive feedback coming in left, right and centre on all social channels, Enninful is clearly moving Vogue UK in the right sartorial and editorial direction.